Trump just foolishly contradicted himself in a panicked attack on Mueller


You know that the more he tweets, the more worried he is about the walls closing in on him, and — by that measure — President Trump is plenty worried.

While Trump spent the initial days after Attorney General William Barr released his four-page summary of the “principle conclusions” of the Mueller report crowing “NO COLLUSION” — and claiming an exoneration that even his own hand-picked appointee had to admit that the report did not offer — the intervening days have brought accusations of a coverup after Democrats demanded to see the unredacted version of the Special Counsel’s report and disgruntled members of the Mueller team began to speak out with leaks to the press about their dissatisfaction with the mischaracterization of their actual findings regarding the president’s actions.

Trump’s reaction was to begin to walk back his casually tossed-off comment that the entire Mueller report could be made public after realizing that it may not be quite as exculpatory as he once thought and to renew his attacks on the team that provided the supposed exoneration in their probe.

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After ranting about the report on Twitter several times yesterday — including a tweet that admits that he has not read the report that he claims to absolve him of any criminal action — Trump was back on the attack against Mueller’s “team of 13 Trump Haters & Angry Democrats,” as he likes to refer to them.

Trump’s tweet makes one wonder if the Mueller team were leaking info that was positive for the president whether he would be calling out their actions as illegal.


Of course, why would the president simply target the Mueller investigators when he could also target the free press — or the “Fake News Media” as he likes to refer to it?

The president insults the “corrupt & dishonest Mainstream Media” with his time-honored method of accusing his enemies of that which he himself is most guilty of: simply making shit up.

It is an accusation that is particularly absurd coming from a man who earlier this week expressed his belief that windmills generating clean energy cause cancer without any sources except some meme he saw on the fringes of the internet.

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Trump apparently fails to see the absurdity of simultaneously accusing the Mueller investigators of leaking information while accusing the media of making up stories without sources.

That alone proves that Trump calling the media an inexplicably capitalized “Joke” is hilariously self-reflective.

With Trump’s stage-managed release of a bowdlerized summary of Mueller’s report failing to move his approval ratings beyond his historically dismal levels, we can expect the attacks on the team that compiled the report to resume and increase between now and when Attorney General Barr finally releases his redacted version of the report. After that, expect it to get even worse.


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