Trump’s ex-lawyer just released a damning new memo alleging evidence of Russian collusion

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President Trump’s convicted former personal lawyer Michael Cohen has just released a lengthy dossier of the information that he provided to Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, which includes incriminating evidence of hush money payments.

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Cohen’s legal team said that it’s the first time this incriminating information about Donald Trump has been shared in full with the public; and that it contains evidence of a conspiracy to collude with “Russian government intervention.”

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Michael Cohen’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee at the end of February led to multiple new investigations, and his newest release goes into further detail. The Cohen memo also recounts hush money payments and falsified personal financial statements along with the accompanying receipts. Axios reports:

The memo outlines evidence of what his team describes as “Trump’s involvement in a conspiracy to collude with Russian government intervention in his favor during the 2016 presidential campaign” and “other felony crimes committed by Trump before and after he became president.”

On Thursday, attorney Lanny Davis indicated that Cohen could provide documents from his computers and phones from the past decade that would give “significant value to the various congressional oversight and investigation committees.”

The 12-page memo and its 121-pages of supporting documents say that the President instructed his former attorney to lie to Congress about his Moscow Tower deal ending early, which actually continued throughout the 2016 primary campaign. It says:

Cohen explained that he was, in effect, instructed to lie about the January 31, 2016 date through the use of Trump code words that could only be interpreted as an instruction or “directive” (as Cohen’s defense attorney put it, without public objection by the Southern District of New York prosecutors) to cover-up the fact that Cohen had been in contact with Russians during most of the presidential campaign, from the day of the Iowa caucuses, February 1, through all the primaries and caucuses and until June 2016, after Trump had become the putative Republican nominee by assembling a majority of delegates.

Sentenced to a three-year federal prison term in December, Cohen had his reporting date moved back in order to testify to Congress. Now, he’s asking for more time to dig through millions of documents illuminating Donald Trump’s crimes on his “recently recovered” hard drives.

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In the memo, Cohen’s legal team pointed to a 2015 Forbes article which more or less accurately tracked Trump’s 2011 financial documents and nailed him for inflating his personal net worth by 100% after announcing his presidential campaign.

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A cursory review of his financial statements from 2011, 2012 and 2013 show a wild fluctuation in the bottom line, which Cohen’s attorneys believe could be a federal bank fraud. Here are three years of Trump’s net worth statements:

Michael Cohen ominously told Congress that he’s in regular contact with prosecutors from the Southern District of New York during his testimony.

Then, a flurry of new investigations and subpoenas arrived. First, Congress breezed past Trump’s red-line over investigating his personal finances by compelling his family’s longtime Chief Financial Officer to testify. Then the House Ways and Means Committee announced that it would seek Trump’s tax returns, which turned into a formal demand this week.

Lastly, New York’s Attorney General initiated a death penalty probe of the Trump Organization, which the office already obtained as a penalty against the Trump Foundation, in a case that could also yield new charges of criminal wrongdoing.

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President Trump has been publicly lashing out at Michael Cohen since December and amped up his attacks after Fox News told him to go after the disgraced former lawyer’s congressional testimony.

But tonight’s document dump by Cohen and his legal team could be just as damaging and worse, it proves that Trump lied to the world about how much money he has, which is sure, more than anything, to send him into a blind rage, spoiling yet another trip at taxpayer expense to one of his golf clubs.

Here is Michael Cohen’s complete 133-page memo and supporting documentation: 

Original reporting by Orion Rummler at Axios.

Grant Stern

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