Paul Ryan just revealed he tried to give Ocasio-Cortez advice and she shot him down

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is finally out of Congress and the United States is incredibly lucky to see him go. The man who once believed he could be Vice President leaves in his wake a soaring deficit, a country in crisis, and a Donald Trump emboldened by Ryan’s cowardly refusal to stand up to him in any way. His is a legacy of failure and spinelessness, and he will surely become a minor, embarrassing footnote in the horrific chapter of American history books which covers the Trump era.

Since leaving Congress he’s joined Fox Corporation’s board of directors, demonstrating that he has learned nothing from his mistakes and is eager to help in the further radicalization and detethering from reality of the American conservative movement.

Somehow though, despite his continuously growing ignominious record, Ryan still thinks he is a person worth listening to. The more he’s reminded that this is not the case, the better.

Apparently, while on his way out, Ryan attempted to give some advice to rising Congressional star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Why he thought the outspoken progressive would listen to a Koch Brothers puppet like himself is anyone’s guess, but things didn’t exactly shake out as planned.

According to GazetteExtra, Ryan spoke at a dinner in his hometown of Janeseville, Wisconsin and told the audience about his interaction with Ocasio-Cortez. He said he tried to give her some advice on how to be a successful Congressperson.

“Actually, I talked to AOC. I talked to her, AOC, everybody calls her AOC. She’s a year older than when I came, but she’s the youngest person now there,” Ryan said. “And I gave her just a few little tips about just being a good member of Congress new. And I don’t think she really listened to a thing I said. You know: ‘Take it easy, just watch things for a while, don’t ruffle. You know, see how it works first.'”

It’s wonderful to hear that Ocasio-Cortez knew exactly how to handle a bad faith actor like Paul Ryan. Congress needs far more Representatives like her and far fewer like Ryan.

Watch the clip below.

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