Trump just threatened to get rid of judges in unhinged Oval Office rant

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His utter contempt for the sanctity of the Constitution is palpable.

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President Trump’s wild rant on immigration in the Oval Office today indicates that, in the president’s eyes, the rules that our founding fathers laid out for the responsibilities of the different government branches — and the limits of their power — are mere suggestions that have little relevance compared to his own autocratic wishes.

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Trump was being asked by White House reporters about his childish and economically disastrous threat to close the border with Mexico to help fight the self-fulfilling border crisis that he has manufactured and exacerbated through his administration’s policies.

In response, he upped the ante further, floating the concept that the best way to solve the issue of asylum-seeking refugees piling up at the border because of the deliberate policies of his Homeland Security Department would be to “get rid of judges” who adjudicate the validity of asylum petitions.

“Well I haven’t made that intention known and I’m ready to close it if I have to close it,” Trump said. “Mexico has the strongest immigration laws in the world. Nobody has stronger. I guess some have the same but you can’t get any stronger than what Mexico has and we don’t want people coming up on this dangerous journey and coming in.”

Claiming that the U.S. immigration system is “absolutely maxed out,” Trump blamed Congress — the Democrats in particular — for inaction on immigration while naturally claiming that he could solve the problem instantly himself as any self-respecting aspiring dictator would.

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“And what we have to do is Congress has to meet quickly and make a deal,” Trump declared. “I could do it in 45 minutes. We need to get rid of chain migration, we need to get rid of catch and release and visa lottery and we have to do something about asylum and to be honest with you, I have to get rid of judges.”

It was a turn of phrase that inspired visions of jurists clad in voluminous black robes being hauled away in the dead of night never to be seen again as if they were suffering through a coup in a banana republic much like the violence-ridden nations that the asylum-seekers are fleeing.

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Besides the horrifying suggestion of dismantling the judicial system dedicated to determining the accuracy of asylum claims, the president also made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t care how many people are harmed by the economic cataclysm that his threatened closure of the border and the accompanying trade stoppage may cause for the American people, while admitting that the impact of such a move would be significantly devastating.

“Sure, it will have a negative effect on the economy… we’re going to have security in this country. That’s more important than trade,” Trump said, prioritizing his fear-based message over any economic strategy that would help average Americans.

You can watch this portion of Trump’s verbal assault on reality during his interview today in the Oval Office in the video clips below.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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