George Conway just torched “idiot” Trump in response to his latest whining about Mueller probe


Sometimes the best material on Twitter can be found deep in the threads of the replies to tweets that may not surface immediately when the initial post is made.

Consider the series of replies to this falsehood-laden tweet by President Trump yesterday afternoon.

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Kyle Cheney, a congressional reporter for Politico, felt compelled to address Trump’s mischaracterization of the Mueller investigation which was neither phony nor fraudulent nor a hoax, reminding the president that there was never an investigation into any allegations of obstruction of justice until after the campaign was over and Trump had already been inaugurated.

George Conway, the conservative Republican Washington DC lawyer, Trump critic, and husband of senior presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway, saw Cheney’s reply to Trump and filled in a bit more context that helped answer the question the president originally posed.


Conway points to just one of the many publicly demonstrated examples of clear attempts by President Trump to undermine the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia in defending the legitimacy of reasons for the Special Counsel’s probe.

As long as Trump keeps trying to spin the paltry details released by his hand-picked Attorney General William Barr into unearned public declarations of his exoneration — a conclusion that is exactly the opposite of what even Barr wrote in his parsimonious summary of the Mueller report — we can count on George Conway to continue to call out his lies. Conway is going to busy for a while now.

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