Jim Carrey just clashed with Mussolini’s granddaughter over latest Trump painting

In addition to his career as an actor and comedian, Jim Carrey has created a prolific sideline for himself out of his satirical political artwork which he has used to attack the outrages of the Trump administration with his savage depictions of its worst perpetrators in action.

One of Carrey’s latest works — which he regularly posts on Twitter — addresses the consequences of the fascism that the actor perceives as threatening the political lifeblood of America since the inauguration of the loathsome authoritarian-leaning president currently in office.

Carrey’s visual history lesson on the just desserts facing fascist leaders after their defeat struck a sensitive chord in the eyes of one modern Italian politician, who just happens to be Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter.

Alessandra Mussolini responded with a series of tweets depicting atrocities of American origin paired with a request for the comic actor to draw a picture of these scenes.

It’s uncertain what the Italian fascist leader’s descendant was trying to say with these initial tweets featuring scenes that the politically progressive Carrey would surely agree represent low points in American history that deserve worldwide condemnation, however, the present-day Mussolini makes her aim clear in the final tweet of her thread.

Upset over the Carrey’s pictorial reminder of the execution of her grandfather by left-wing Italian partisans and the subsequent public display of his and his mistress’ bodies as proof of the end of his reign of terror, Alessandra Mussolini advises President Trump to ignore the actor’s political artwork as worthless, rather than as the stark reminder of the potential wages of Trump’s sins that the artist intended.

While the Italian politician is free to exercise her amateur art criticism, Ms. Mussolini, in her fit of pique at the new portrayal of the desecration of her grandfather’s corpse, ignores the fact that Carrey’s satirical political artwork reflects the views of a majority of Americans who disapprove of President Trump’s outrageous and dangerous antics.

To date, Jim Carrey has yet to comment on the attack on his oeuvre by his subject’s descendant,  so we’ll just let some of his more recent posts speak for themselves to at least give his viewpoint some equal time.

While Carrey’s work may not make it to the Uffizi Museum in Florence or the Vatican Galleries, as political art goes, his drawings one day may be as well-regarded as those of Daumier or Goya whose politically-based artworks were scandalous in their own times, but now hang in museums worldwide.

As for Trump, he’d be wise to consider the fate of authoritarians past before he makes his next power-grabbing move to circumvent the Constitution.

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Original reporting by Tom Boggioni at RawStory.

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