January 30, 2023

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and Pat Buchanan just complained that black slaves didn’t assimilate

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While Fox News has never been known as a bastion of civil rights and racial equality, one of its most prominent hosts has sunk to new depths of promoting white supremacist theories on her podcast.


Laura Ingraham invited former Reagan advisor Pat Buchanan onto her podcast this week and proceeded to listen to him promote the most racist anti-immigrant white nationalist propaganda you could ever imagine.

Ignoring the fact that the white race wouldn’t even be on this continent were it not for the type of immigration that consisted of their raping, pillaging, and seizing lands from the Native Americans who controlled the land before their own arrival, Buchanan condemned modern immigration to this country by “people from different… cultures and ethnicities and races.”

The stalwart of the traditionalist wing of the Republican party demonstrated that even old-guard GOP politicians can be as full of racial animosity as the most MAGA-fired Trump supporter in the Republican Party- the Trump Edition™.

Ingraham started the exchange by decrying the number of legal immigrants that the United States allows each year.

“We give 1.3 million green cards, which I think is way too many, every year in the United States,” Ingraham said. “Most Americans polled say — think it’s either — keep it the same, or lower the number.”

“90 percent of these are folks coming from what you might call the second or the third world,” Buchanan replied. “People are fundamentally, basically good, but there’s no doubt there’s a greater difficulty in assimilating people from different civilizations and cultures and ethnicities and races in the United States, than there — than other folks.”

It was Buchanan’s next statement, however, that betrayed his belief that the metaphor of America as a melting pot of people from all parts of the globe and from various religions and cultures — all seeking freedom — is a goal to be actively opposed.

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“We know this is true, African-Americans have been here since 1619. They’ve helped build and create the nation. They’re part of its culture and history, and yet we haven’t fully assimilated African-American citizens. At the same time, we’re bringing in millions and millions of people. We’re conducting an experiment, which, you know, it — to me, I’m a pessimist. I just — it’s not working, it seems to me,” the former presidential candidate declared.

Ingraham amplified Buchanan’s message of immigrant fear-mongering to her audience of white people terrified of losing their exalted status and privilege by stoking the lie about Democratic support for “open borders” rather than telling the truth about their defense of existing immigration laws that allow refugees to seek asylum, saying that if Democrats get their way, “America, as we know her today, will be completely transformed” by Latin American immigrants.

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“The Republican Party will be done [because of immigration],” she added. “So, most of Central America will have moved to the United States, and Mexico, people will just come and go, but — although, it’s easier to deport people to Mexico.”

“I don’t see how that is going to end up with more freedom, more peace, and more prosperity,” Ingraham concluded. “That’s what I’m concerned about. Forget the English language.”

With people like Buchanan and Ingraham continuing to spread a message of white nationalism, one has to wonder if they’ll be banned from Facebook as part of its recently announced policy of removing white supremacist, nationalist, and separatist posts from its feed.

You can listen to a portion of Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham’s conversation with Pat Buchanan on her podcast in the clip below.

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Original reporting by Media Matters For America.

Vinnie Longobardo

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