Trump just launched an unhinged attack on two Pulitzer winners in Friday tweetstorm


If you thought that President Trump was an ignorant, self-serving, mendacious, treasonous, malicious, moron before his hand-picked Attorney General decided not to prosecute him for his obvious obstruction of justice without releasing the Mueller report’s underlying reasoning and evidence, you were right.

After Barr released his summary of the Special Counsel’s “principle conclusions,” however, Trump has gotten a thousand-fold worse.

Without he or the public having seen the actual contents of Mueller’s report, the president has been falsely crowing “No Collusion with Russia” — cleverly aping the limited language in Barr’s summary that merely mentioned the lack of conspiracy with the Russsian government without speaking of potential collusion with Russian citizens or other foreign interests — and attacking Democrats for their efforts to continue investigating a conclusion made in the end with the questionable good faith of Trump’s own Attorney General.

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An ebullient Trump has been gloating over the predetermined outcome of Barr’s decision publicly since the report was released on Sunday. Today, he made one of his most outrageous statements yet, urging the committee that determines journalism’s most prestigious awards to rescind the Pulitzer Prizes won by The New York Times and The Washington Post for their reporting on the relationship between the Trump campaign and the Russian government trying to swing the election in his favor.

President Trump, his ego so over-inflated by his likely temporary vindication, seizes on the reason for their prizes to declare in the type of all-caps exclamation used in sleazy ads for plastic trinkets of dubious value that the substance of their articles is guaranteed to be “100% NEGATIVE and FAKE!”


Trump seems to have forgotten to read the job description for his presidency  and doesn’t seem to realize that choosing the winners of Pulitzer Prizes is not only not part of his duties, but that he has no say whatsoever in whom the Pulitzer Committee chooses for its awards and can’t make them rescind an award on his whim.

It’s the kind of expectation that only someone chomping at the bit for the powers of an authoritarian dictator would dream of seeing fulfilled in America. Yet, the shameless President Trump tweets out comments like this on a regular basis.

Unless the remainder of the unseen pages of the Mueller report or the Democratic-led committees in House manage to rein Trump in, he will rage on unchecked. It’s going to be an insufferable few weeks ahead.

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