Trump just made a bizarre promise to tell us all a “secret” during a morning Mueller Twitter rant


With each day that passes since Trump’s Attorney General William Barr released his brief summary of the Mueller report, the president becomes more emboldened in his rhetoric. The full report still hasn’t been released, but since Mueller declined to make a decision on obstruction of justice charges against the president and didn’t find enough evidence of collusion to move forward on that front, the GOP is treating the entire investigation as a major win, this despite the fact that the report explicitly does not exonerate Trump.

The fact that the Republicans haven’t released the report in full yet could very well indicate that it’s full of damaging material about the president and his inner circle, and the American people have a right to read it. In the meantime, Trump continues to gloat and spread misinformation.

This morning — presumably during “executive time,” which is the euphemism his team uses for him for plopping down on his lazy rear to watch Fox News — Trump unleashed a Twitter tirade the likes of which we haven’t seen in some time from him. Not surprisingly, most of the tweets were reactions to the recent Mueller news.

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The president, in all his barely literate glory, attacked the “Fake News Media” and accused them of suffering a “breakdown” and losing all of their credibility and respect. He added that they must be considering “going legit” which of course they already are, and which is an especially rich dose of hypocrisy from the man who appeared on Alex Jones’s disgusting conspiracy theory show InfoWars

While it should hardly need pointing out, most of the major news outlets (with the obvious exception of Fox) covered the Mueller probe responsibly by reporting on the president’s deeply suspicious behavior.

And again, it’s worth mentioning that while Mueller didn’t move forward with collusion charges, the fact that he didn’t exonerate Trump is a big deal. We don’t know that there wasn’t collusion, we just know there wasn’t enough evidence to satisfy the Special Counsel completely.


Trump then doubled down on his hypocrisy by alleging that the media has “never been more corrupt.” By many estimates, the Trump administration is one of if not the most corrupt presidential administration in American history, constituting little more than a grift machine for the president, his children, and his cronies. His charges have no basis in the truth, and he would have no room to talk even if they were.

The tweet ends with Trump making a bizarre promise out of left field to “someday” tell us “the secret.” It’s unclear what he’s talking about because of the weird way he constructs his syntax, but perhaps he means the secret to living with “Fake News.” If that’s the case it’s not so secret: it’s easy to live with the “Fake News” because it’s not fake in the first place. Despite what he desperately wants us to believe, Trump is not a victim.

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Unable to shake his morning Mueller obsession with just that tweet alone, he took a shot at Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), who has been one of the leading voices supporting the investigation into Trump’s blatant corruption and criminality. The president called for him to resign from Congress, alleging that he broke the law by “lying” and “leaking.”

Not surprisingly, Trump failed to provide any evidence for his spurious claims. More to the point, Schiff is a thousand times the public servant that Donald Trump is, and the latter would be better off keeping his mouth shut before he embarrasses himself further.


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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.