A Democratic Rep. just bravely shamed Betsy DeVos to her face for cutting Special Olympics funding


Yesterday, in a stunningly cruel move that would have been unthinkable under a more humane administration, Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that she wants to cut some $18 million in funding to the Special Olympics. She defended the vile announcement by saying her department had been forced to make some “difficult decisions” in order to cut spending. Her proposed budget would cut her entire department’s spending by 12% total.

Of course, this is the same administration which decided to pass massive tax cuts for the wealthy which by some estimates could add $1 trillion to the national deficit over the next decade. Apparently, the Republicans have plenty of money to spend on helping billionaires buy more yachts but no money to help athletes with disabilities. Heartless doesn’t even begin to describe the monsters in control of our government right now.

Thankfully, DeVos has now been confronted over her disgusting behavior. CNN reports that yesterday Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) condemned DeVos’s actions during a hearing of the Appropriations Committee’s Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittee, which DeLauro chairs.

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“The three education budgets from this administration have proposed the largest cuts to education funding in four decades. That’s since the department was created in 1979. Madam Secretary, I have to say, and maybe it’s offensive: Shame on you,” said DeLauro.

Frankly, they were kinder words than DeVos even deserves. This woman who has lived a life of absurd wealth and privilege since she was a child is now exploiting her newfound position of federal power to abuse and harm innocent people. The $12 million she is taking from the Special Olympics is a drop in the bucket compared to what Trump’s administration is handing out to the super-wealthy but it means the world to the disabled athletes who dedicate themselves to these competitions.

History will look with revulsion upon the tenure of Betsy DeVos.


Watch the clip below.

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Robert Haffey

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