Someone just started the #ThingsITrustMoreThanWilliamBarr challenge and the internet is going nuts


As Americans begin to realize that the decision to not pursue obstruction of justice charges against President Trump stems not from the judgment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but from the president’s hand-picked Attorney General William Barr — a man who auditioned for the nomination for the job by penning an opinion that it was not constitutionally possible for a president to be charged with obstructing justice — a new twitter hashtag has begun to trend.

Outraged citizens are expressing their opinion that Barr’s refusal to release the full contents of Mueller’s report and show the evidence that backs up his decision stinks as much as weeks-old sweaty workout clothes stuffed in a gym bag with a couple of pounds of Limburger cheese.

Using the hashtag #, Twitter users have taken to posting lists of exactly that, generating a surfeit of dark humor on a politically polarizing day.

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