Trump just tweeted for the first time since the delivery of the Mueller report


Ever since Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his final report to Attorney General William Barr, President Trump had maintained an eerie silence on Twitter. It was as if his veritable explosion of tweets last weekend had depleted his cache of the usual lies, insults, collusion denials, and witch hunt accusations that he draws from for his maximum of 280 character missives.

This morning Trump finally broke his Twitter fast.

With Attorney General Barr yet to release the summary of Mueller’s report and with uncertainty over whether Barr has shared any of the contents of the report with the president, those expecting either a crowing “No collusion! I told you so!” or another declaration of the cosmic unfairness of the investigation and a condemnation of the partisan bias of the investigators were sorely disappointed by Trump’s tweets this morning.

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Rather than any comment on the Mueller report, the Democrats’ demands to see the entire report and the evidence it was based upon, or any other news that managed to slip through the blanket coverage of speculation about what might be in the report and what the next steps may be, Trump simply punted with two of the most innocuous tweets he’s ever sent, as if clearing his throat or cleansing his palate to get ready for whatever he — or his lawyers — decide is the best response to the details the report reveals.

His first tweet was a tease.


For many of us, how great the day will be depends entirely on whether the Mueller report exonerates the president or contains the seeds of the path to justice for Trump, but thanks for the kind wishes, inexplicably in title case.

Trump went all caps for his next tweet, but rather than his usual angry rant or a more sophisticated propaganda drop, he went for his basic slogan mongering.


Perhaps Trump was just exercising his Twitter fingers after an extended break and wanted to make sure that his account hadn’t been surreptitiously shuttered by the FBI in an unexpected turn of events related to the Mueller reports findings.

Please forgive the wanton fantasy, but we’ve been waiting since Friday to get a glimpse of what the report contains and with no news, the mind begins to wander to speculation, as the past few days of cable news coverage has amply demonstrated.

Unfortunately, Trump’s latest tweets don’t offer any insight into the mystery. So we will simply have to wait until Attorney General Barr prepares his summary of the report’s main conclusions to determine our emotional state.


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