John McCain’s adopted daughter just tore into Trump in a heartbreaking tweet


With President Trump’s feud beyond the grave with the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) causing an even larger segment of the population to question his sanity, the surviving members of the McCain family have lept to the defense of their dearly departed patriarch.

His daughter Meghan has used her position as a co-host on ABC‘s The View to respond to Trump’s denigrations of her father with withering right-on-right verbal violence, saying on this morning’s broadcast that “I don’t expect decency and compassion from the Trump family.”

His widow Cindy McCain sarcastically humiliated Trump by posting vile messages sent to her by his truly deplorable supporters.

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Now Senator McCain’s adopted daughter of Bangladeshi heritage — who was the subject of a vicious whisper campaign on the right during McCain’s presidential bid because of her brown skin — has broken her usual low-profile stance to rebuke Trump for his lack of basic decency. She took to her rarely-used Twitter account to communicate with the president on his own playing field.


While Bridget McCain seems quite well-versed in President Trump’s narcissistic motivations for any action he takes, her expectations of decency, respect, and courtesy from the notoriously self-absorbed and generally offensive president indicate that she hasn’t paid a good deal of attention to his behavior over the past few years.

With Trump losing support from even reliable conservative Republican politicians over his needless and inexplicable attacks on the late Senator, accusations that the president is merely using the outrage over his remarks to distract the public from the ever-mounting corruption scandals that his administration faces are reaching deafening levels in the absence of any other reasonable explanation other than basic ingrained sociopathy.

Welcome to the resistance, Bridget. Now that you are paying attention to your departed father’s chief antagonist, keep up with the attempts to teach him the social skills that most other people learn before adolescence. It may be a vain and fruitless mission, but, who knows, something may eventually penetrate the id of the man you already know to be a child in an adult’s job.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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