Kellyanne Conway just attacked her own husband to defend Trump as marital civil war breaks out


The feud between Senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, her husband George, and President Donald Trump took a bizarre turn on Wednesday when Kellyanne appeared to side with the President against her own husband in response to the president’s attacking her marriage and deriding the father of her children as the “husband from hell” and a “total loser.” 

Showing that she is a mercenary at heart and that there is truly nothing that won’t stop Kellyanne from blindly defending the president, Conway stunned the nation this morning when she commended the president for standing up for himself and hitting back at her husband.

“He left it alone for months out of respect for me. But you think he shouldn’t respond when somebody, a non-medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? You think he should just take that sitting down?” asked Conway in a response to POLITICO.

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The feud between Trump and George Conway erupted this weekend when the D.C. lawyer — an Antonin Scalia disciple — accused Trump of having a narcissistic personality disorder and began tweeting sections of the DSM at him.

Which is why his wife publicly chided him and said “don’t play psychiatrist any more than George should be…You’re not a psychiatrist and he’s not, respectfully” she finished.

While she’s absolutely right in that it’s disrespectful to the millions of American who suffer from mental illness to lob diagnoses at a public figure simply because you don’t like his behavior, we have a hard time believing that was what made her want to fire back at her husband.


It’s becoming clearer and clearer that this is all a preposterous charade being orchestrated between the two Republicans and their bosses, a kabuki play put on to convince their respective factions — Trumpian and NeverTrumpian/#Resistance — that they are so invested that they’ll attack their own spouses for them and thus protect their access to the circles of power in D.C. and their access to the cushy jobs and speaking engagements that accompany them.

Original reporting by Daniel Lippman at POLITICO. 

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Colin Taylor

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