Rosenstein just made a heroic power move to save Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — the senior Justice Department official overseeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation while the then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in office and had recused himself from the probe — will be remaining at the department “a little longer” than he originally planned, according to a report from CNN.

Rosenstein was originally planning to leave this month after William Barr was sworn in as the full-time replacement for Sessions, displacing the acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. However, no definitive date had been set for his departure.

The deputy AG consulted with Attorney General Barr on the decision and has yet to submit his two weeks’ notice to the White House, according to CNN.

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While no reason for the postponement of Rosenstein’s exit from the Justice Department was given, the cable news network has previously reported that the Deputy AG had told his colleagues that he would leave when he was confident that Mueller’s investigation was either finished or close enough to completion that it faced no obstacles.

The news of Rosenstein’s extension of his presence at the Justice Department added to media speculation that either something significant was about to break in the Mueller investigation or that the investigation will continue longer than those who have been predicting the imminent publication of the special counsel’s report.

Either way, unless Attorney General Barr has some other undisclosed reason for keeping Rosenstein close at hand, we can assume that some development in the Mueller probe is responsible for his postponing his departure and that the investigation is not ready to be completed quite yet.


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Original reporting by Laura Jarrett at CNN.

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