February 2, 2023

Trump just blindsided FOX News with vicious attack on their weekend anchors

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President Trump is once again spending his Sunday having a very normal one online, lashing out at anyone and everyone in a stunning eleven-tweet rant. This weekend, his ire seems mostly to be aimed at the media (with a cheap shot at John McCain thrown in for good measure), as he complained about the decision of FOX News to skip airing Jeanine Pierro’s show after her Islamophobic remarks last week.


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His later tweet made it clear that these are nothing but the ramblings of a cranky old man who can’t stand seeing anything that goes against his worldview or bear any kind of criticism at all, even if it comes from his loudest cheerleaders.

Trump lashed out at FOX’s weekend anchors Leland Vittert and Arthel Neville — the latter of whom, it should be noted, is a woman of color — for reporting the facts and actually doing “journalism” instead of telling him how wonderful he is and how evil all of his enemies are FOX’s the opinion anchors like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity do on a nightly basis.

He couldn’t help but work in a jab at Shep Smith as well, one of the few FOX anchors who tells the truth on a regular basis instead of trafficking in what Megyn Kelly famously referred to on election night 2008 “the kind of math that makes Republicans feel better.”

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Anchors like Shep Smith, Neville, and Vittert are the only redeemable pieces of the FOX News network, hard-working journalists who report the truth but are forced to constantly toil in the shadows of the preposterous pro-Trump apologia and white supremacist propaganda churned out by the opinion anchors. If anything, FOX News needs more anchors like them — which obviously is why Trump is so mad at them.

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