December 6, 2022

Trump just launched a Saturday Twitter barrage by attacking the late Senator John McCain

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The viciously vindictive President Trump won’t let death get in the way of his deeply held grudge against the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).


The brooding president hearkened back to past perceived affronts that McCain had committed in his eyes in a tweet that demonstrated that our modern day Scrooge of a chief executive is heavily haunted by the ghost of a Senator past.

Trump begins his tweet with the ludicrous description of the infamous Steele Dossier — including its accusations of Trump’s attendance at a shower decidedly not of the wedding variety with several Russian prostitutes — as “fake and totally discredited” when the majority of the dossier has been confirmed and the rest yet to be disproved.

The president then goes on to quote Bill Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr as referring to the intelligence agency-savvy McCain’s regard for the veracity of the dossier’s content as a “dark stain” on his record.

Apparently trusting the work product of a respected foreign intelligence professional vouched for by senior U.S. intelligence agencies is more of a dark stain than multiple bankruptcies, charitable foundation fraud, and tax evasion on the part of the president, and of representing convicted child rapist and Trump buddy Jeffrey Epstein as Starr did.

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Also regarded by Trump as a dark stain against his former antagonist’s record is McCain’s failure to support a deeply flawed and widely unpopular Republican health care bill that would have stripped 20 million Americans of their health insurance — an act that most Americans would gleefully applaud the late Senator for having the courage to do, but that Trump regards as the ultimate betrayal, undiminished by its perpetrator’s passing.

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This latest tweet from the president should have his cabinet seriously considering whether his mental state requires the invocation of the 25th amendment, given the impairment that his brooding obsessions are obviously creating in his addled mind.

Comparing Trump to the last Republican president who was so close to being impeached, he is now in a similar phase of his presidency as was Nixon when he was drinking heavily alone in the Oval Office as the Watergate scandal exploded around him. Luckily, since Trump doesn’t imbibe alcohol, we will be spared the experience of how much worse his tweets would be if he were fully soused.

His statements are barely coherent now, despite his sobriety.

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