Meghan McCain just gave Trump brutal life advice after he attacked her dad on Twitter

After President Trump renewed his long-standing feud with her late father via a heinously false and abusive Twitter post,  Meghan McCain reached her breaking point with the vituperative president.

The daughter of deceased Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and current co-host of ABC‘s The View, Meghan McCain struck back at the vindictive president with a simple and painfully effective response that any human with a normal emotional response would find to sting deeply. How you think it may affect President Trump likely depends on your political and moral outlook.

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Trump’s poll numbers being historically low for a president at this stage of his term, Meghan McCain is certainly accurate, although Trump will always have the bragging rights of having won the presidency that the late Senator once coveted.

The devoted daughter’s fervent wish to have had the opportunity to spend more weekends with her father is touching, but The View’s resident right-winger is defying reason by suggesting that Trump spend time with his own family on the weekends.

While it would make sense to catch up on family gatherings before they must take place in the prison visiting room, think about it. If you were Trump, would you want to spend time with these particular offspring? And if you were a member of his family, would you want to have to deal with that needy narcissism every weekend?

Either way, Meghan McCain came up with the perfect burn in response to the president’s dishonoring of her father’s memory — a strike right at the basis of insecurity that underlies Trump’s neediness and demand for attention and praise — his basic unlovability.

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