Trump just lashed out at late-night TV hosts in deeply pathetic Twitter attack


For a man constantly trying to paint himself as some kind of alpha male above the opinions of the crowd, Donald Trump sure does cares a lot about what people, particularly celebrities, say about him. He’s a man desperate for validation.

This morning, he took to Twitter to remind us all what a pathetic, thin-skinned leader he really is. His outburst appears to have been prompted by a segment on Fox & Friends, the idiotic right-wing propaganda show that he insists on watching constantly because of the manner in which they fawningly stroke his ego.

Today, they discussed the mocking manner in which late-night television hosts regularly cover Trump. At one point, guest comedian Michael Loftus bemoaned the fact that the hosts are no longer neutral like Johnny Carson was, and how they insist on making fun of the modern conservative movement.

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Of course, what Loftus failed to recognize or point out is the fact that the GOP has become far more radicalized and far more fringe since the days of Carson. If modern late-night hosts treated the Republican Party as if it were sane, they’d be doing the country a disservice. We have a reality television host in the Oval Office, he should not be taken seriously.

Trump praised Loftus’s inane comments, adding that late-night hosts are “fighting over table scraps.” He also praised Johnny Carson for not being “political,” which is ironic coming from a man who can’t manage to be civil and who injects partisan mudslinging into everything he does. A president who has no interest in uniting the country has no right to whine about divisive commentary from comedians.


The simple truth is that Trump craves these men’s approval, and misses the days when he was embraced by the Hollywood crowd instead of deeply despised. His ego can’t weather their constant attacks.

Furthermore, the idea that hosts like Fallon, Kimmel, or Colbert will be “in the unemployment line” once Trump is gone is frankly absurd. They’re extremely popular and will be working and making America laugh long after Trump has slunk off the public stage to while away his final days in ignominy or — if there’s any justice in this world — behind bars. This tweet will not age well.

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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.