September 26, 2022

Trump just threw a wild, defensive tantrum in response to Melania body double conspiracy

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Donald Trump is a man known for dabbling in, and in some cases diving headfirst into, conspiracy theories. His political career really began with his spreading of the racist lie that our first black president wasn’t born in the United States and as such wasn’t eligible to hold his office. Now, he’s found himself on the receiving end of a conspiracy theory, and he isn’t exactly pleased about it.


This morning, Trump took to Twitter and claimed that the “Fake News” is spreading “photoshopped” pictures of First Lady Melania Trump in order to stoke rumors that it wasn’t really her who accompanied him to Alabama to visit the tornado survivors last week and was, in fact, a body double intended to look like his wife. 

The “Fake Melania” theory has been a popular one on Twitter for some time, and it postulates that sometimes Melania refuses or is unable to travel with the president. During those times, a woman with a similar physical appearance dons glasses to obscure her face and follows Donald Trump around.

The conspiracy theory dates back to 2017 when a clip of Melania with her husband went viral. In it, she stands silently by his side, her face mostly in shadows as President Trump rambles on. To many people, it didn’t look like Melania Trump, and the theory was only emboldened by Trump’s strange decision to say “My wife Melania, who happens to be right here…” as if trying to convince everyone that it was really her.

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The theory popped up again this past Friday when a photo of Melania once again spread like wildfire on Twitter, with many users once again convinced that it looked like some woman other than the First Lady.

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One user even compiled a semi-convincing comparison between the “Fake Melania” and a Secret Service agent with a similar face.

Other Twitter users took the conspiracy theory less seriously and instead used it to make jokes and poke fun at the Trumps.

So popular was the theory that the hosts of The View actually discussed it at some length, with Joy Behar admitting that she herself didn’t think the latest photo looked like Melania.

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The explanations for why Trump would possibly use a body double of his wife instead of just having her come along with him vary, with some suggesting it’s simply because she can’t stand being around him more than is absolutely necessary.

In any case, the fact that something as absurd as this theory even seems plausible to some people demonstrates how little faith people have in Donald Trump. He’s so strange, so clearly dishonest, that Americans can imagine him pulling a stunt like this.

Trump, for his part, has now only made matters worse by trying to swat down this conspiracy theory with one of his own. The media didn’t “photoshop” these images and for him to suggest as much is almost as ridiculous as the body double theory itself.  It’s especially pathetic of him to lie about it when the footage he already shared of his trip proves that it was Melania that went with him. The man simply can’t resist the urge to lie and attack the media.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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