Melania Trump declared war on The View over her body double conspiracy theory

They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

After President Trump posted a hilariously hypocritical and ironically self-reflective tweet criticizing the media for spreading phony conspiracy theories about whether the woman accompanying him on his recent tour of tornado damage in Alabama was his wife Melania or a cleverly disguised body double, the White House stepped up its attack by having a spokesperson for the first lady attack the hosts of ABC’s The View for discussing the theory on air.

Coming from the man who single-handedly kept the “birther” lie about then-President Obama alive even after hard evidence of its falsity was made public, Trump’s tweet proves that this particular gander can’t handle the same level of “presidential harassment” — as the self-victimized Trump likes to refer to it when he’s on the receiving end — as the goose he tortured for years with his cynical lies.

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Trump’s tweet was quickly followed by a post from Stephanie Grisham, the White House Director of Communications for FLOTUS that tried to shame the hosts of The View for discussing a heavily trending Twitter topic in a brief segment that paled in comparison to the hours that networks like Fox News spent trying to delegitimize Obama by claiming he wasn’t truly eligible to be president because of his supposed foreign birth.

Whether The View hosts were “laughing in the face of tragedy” is a debatable issue, but if you do believe that they were, please explain how what they were doing was more offensive than the president chucking rolls of paper towels at hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

It seems like that would have to be considered at least equally shameful to a dispassionate observer.

Then again, a dispassionate observer would most likely look at the entire “fake Melania” conspiracy theory, shrug, and say “I really don’t care. Do you?”

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