April 2, 2023

A new, different video just emerged of Tucker Carlson defending statutory rape LAST YEAR

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Fox News entertainer Tucker Carlson is facing mass calls for his firing after Media Matters For America unearthed a vile series of radio broadcast discussions where he defended statutory rape and a convicted sex offender who practiced child rape with his religious cult in 2009.

Now, new video evidence has just emerged (embedded below) showing Tucker Carlson doing the exact same thing on a 2017 podcast with Gavin McInnes, his former writer at The Daily Caller and the founder of the Proud Boys hate group. In the comments, Carlson again endorsed statutory rape between teachers and teenage students.

Fox News hasn’t made a public statement about his egregious endorsement for adults to have sex with teenagers yet, but Carlson released a non-apology tweet pretending that the ten-year age of his previously discovered comments somehow made his sick philosophy appropriate for a national television broadcaster to believe.

The new Carlson/McInnes recording completely debunks his already bogus excuses for publicly advocating that sexual predators prey on vulnerable teenagers who look to them for guidance. The Daily Beast reports:

Teacher-student statutory rape is better than the alternative, Carlson explained, noting “my best friend was involved in a relationship like that when we were kids. There are not that many options. So you’re a 15-,16-, 17-year-old boy. You are driven by biology to procreate, so you are either going to be inflicting your attentions on one of your peers, who let’s be honest is not ready for it; she’s going to get hurt emotionally—90 percent, I mean I’ve never seen a woman—girl—not hurt at that age.”

“Or,” he continued, “you can have a safer, albeit technically illegal outlet, with a woman who knows what she’s doing. You’re not going to hurt her feelings. You know what I mean? This is harm reduction. This is like a needle exchange.”

Fox’s GOP shill Tucker Carlson, who just last year fondly called “three cheers for law and order” when screeching about the Mueller probe, has now been caught advocating for more sex crimes for nearly a decade.

Carlson went on to the Fox show “Outnumbered” in 2014 to defend a teacher giving a 15-year-old student a lapdance, and again to blame a student for reporting a statutory rape by their teacher, which fortunately ruined the educator’s career.

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If that wasn’t awful enough, the Fox News personality turned a very willful blinde-eye his former employee’s anti-Semitism in the same 2017 interview.

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While idiots like Carlson believe that nothing bad will come of teacher-student relationships, the law says otherwise for good reason; our children are uniquely vulnerable to the teachers to whom we send them for an education and we expect that they refrain from abusing the unique power relationship with our kids.

The group Stop Educator Sexual Abuse and Misconduct (SESAME) shares numerous examples of the impact of child abuse by educators.

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For its part, Media Matters says that these recordings are just the tip of the iceberg and that they’ve located more Carlson footage with new and even worse racist remarks.

Sponsor boycotts have been effective in ridding cable television of the worst Fox News entertainers sex predators masquerading as journalists, like Bill O’Reilly.

New calls to boycott Carlson’s show are rising once again after a previous surge in advertisers dropping his program late last year wiped out at least 26 major sponsors.

With any luck, the brewing sponsor boycott against Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program will finally get the kind of “follow the money” message they seem to need rather than having any moral compass whatsoever to learn that promoting and to apologize for child sex abuse by educators is not acceptable.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s horrendous endorsement of student-teacher sexual abuse here:

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