A historian just publicly humiliated Eric Trump for ignorant JFK remarks


In a tweet that left many a reader cleaning up the liquid that they expelled from their mouths in spit-takes as they chortled uproariously while reading it, the official Twitter account of the Republican party quoted noted political intellectual (sarcasm alert!) Eric Trump on how today’s Democratic party compares to where it was nearly 60 years ago.

Given that his father has pushed the GOP to new depths unimaginable even compared to the worst abuses of the Reagan and Bush eras and is competing with Nixon for the dubious honor of being the most criminal president in American history, Eric Trump’s statement about the Democrats is laughably ironic.

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It is also — according to noted historian Kevin M. Kruse — patently false, not surprising given the younger Trump’s upbringing in a household where truthfulness was never imagined as an option.

Kruse posted a lengthy Twitter thread to prove his point and completely own Eric and his Republican defenders with his dismantling of their premise. Prepare for a thorough and well-researched schooling.




It seems like the Democratic party of today has more in common with the party of the JFK era than it does with the centrist-leaning party of the Clinton years. And it certainly has a greater resemblance to its forbearers than the Trumpublicans do to the party of Lincoln.

If anything has been consistent across the GOP’s recent history it has been its constant support of the interests of corporations and the wealthy elite over the general populace and the ability to reverse any country-wide economic gains made during Democratic administrations.

Nice try, Eric, but we’re sure your dad will give you some credit for at least trying to emulate his skills at spreading political manure so brazenly.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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