Trump just launched into an insecure rant over Ann Coulter and his wall impotence


With all of the press about members of the Democratic party undermining each other in the fight to win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, the dissolution of right-wing Republican unity seems to elude much coverage in the media.

President Trump made certain to bring the issue to the forefront today, however, with a brutal tweet aimed at one of his earliest and most vocal supporters on the extremist right, the under-nourished political commentator Ann Coulter who has lost faith in the man she once considered her white-nationalist anti-immigrant savior.

Trump apparently misses the gentle kisses that Coulter would metaphorically place on his posterior while urging him to fulfill his racist promises to his base, a practice that was replaced with the shrill outrage of a spurned suitor when the blond ultra-conservative media presence finally realized that Trump’s rhetoric of hatred was not actually going to be fulfilled.

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Faced with a rebellion in his rankest of ranks, Trump went on the attack to reclaim his messaging from the woman who saw through his litany of lies more quickly than his more servile followers. He continued his blatant misrepresentation of his inner desires as actual reality while portraying Coulter with his usual practice of projection, accusing his opponents of whatever he himself is guilty of.


Trump’s portrayal of himself as “winning on the Border” is either a sign of a major delusional disorder or an attempt at utilizing the self-help techniques he learned from watching Oprah discuss The Secret on an episode of her talk show.

The reality of Congress’s rejection of Trump’s request for billions to build a wall that no expert believes will accomplish what the president claims it will still hasn’t penetrated Trump’s brain, and his declaration of a national emergency is just days from being overturned by Congress forcing him to anticipate the first veto of his presidency.

As the aspiring autocrat continues to incredulously present himself as the only person able to prevent an overwhelming horde of violent sadistic immigrants from swarming over a defenseless border with his apparently extraordinarily long arms stretched out along the southern parts of the United States, the defection of Coulter — an important influencer on his shrinking base — demonstrates that it is the Republican party that is slowly dissolving before our eyes, rotting from within after a steady diet of lies and corruption.

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Ann Coulter is the canary in the coal mine for the right-wing, singing out a warning to the president that he is ignoring. It won’t be long before the president begins to find it increasingly difficult to find the oxygen he needs to continue to spread his false promises. It can’t happen soon enough.

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