Ted Cruz just attacked liberals at CPAC, and Ocasio-Cortez’s response is heroic

As regressive politicians and their followers gathered at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), they had to endure not only the longest and most deranged speech by President Trump in history but also just as much organic political fertilizer as one could imagine being spewed in a single location in a single day.

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As speaker after speaker emulated the president in attacking the progressive principles and proposals while simultaneously mischaracterizing them into fear-mongered bogeymen to help them stoke the kind of red-baiting panic that can help them retain their seats in office, the right-wing climate change deniers ridiculed the Green New Deal put forth by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

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Taking his talking points straight from the set of Fox News and the mouths of lunatic talk radio conspiracy theorists, oleaginous Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) repeated one of the most outrageously false accusations that dim-witted conservatives make towards the ecologically sound policy proposals contained within the Green New Deal — accusing Democrats of wanting to “kill all the cows.”

With President Trump apparently now making it even more perfectly acceptable for Republican politicians to just shamelessly make shit up than it’s ever been before — and they were rather accomplished at this trick even before Trump was on the scene — Senator Cruz milked the lies for all the applause that he could get.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t sit by idly while her signature initiative was thrown under the bus by sleazy manipulative right-wingers and their self-serving agendas who purposefully distort the implications of her attempts to prevent the imminent ecological disaster that the billionaire class can afford to weather with their wealth as the rest of the world suffers.

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AOC took to Twitter to respond to the lunacy that Senator Cruz and his ilk keep spouting like scripture.

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If only the congresswoman’s apt identification of the short-sighted selfishness of the lies of the CPAC speakers and attendees would be enough to convince them to drop their pretense of victimization by radical environmentalists.

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No, everyone can expect that as these climate change non-believers watch their ocean-front homes fall into the waves of seas swollen by melting glaciers, they’ll be blaming leftists for their alarmist warnings as they struggle to keep their heads above the waters.

It will be an interesting contrast to the majority of Americans now struggling to keep their heads above the waters of debt as the Republican tax giveaway to corporations and oligarchs begins to erode the social safety net — a product of policies introduced by Democrats of yore and now derided as dreaded “socialism” by the people who attend CPAC.

Thank you, Representative Ocasio-Cortez for helping fight back against the selfish ignorance these cynical regressives are peddling. If only there was a vaccine designed to fight the plague of mendacity with which they are infecting the unsuspecting public.

Oh wait, there is. It’s called education. No wonder the GOP is trying to undermine that as well.

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