A Fox News contributor just took the stage at CPAC and trashed the late John McCain as the audience cheered


The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held in Maryland this week and it was truly something to behold. Once the yearly centerpiece of conservative intellectualism, the event has devolved into a mutant circus of grifters, white nationalists, gibbering morons, and crooks yelling and cheering at each other in packed auditoriums.

The majority of the speakers to take to the podium spewed a noxious stew of paranoid lies completely untethered from reality, modeling themselves after President Trump. Conspiracy theories and bad faith arguments filled the air all week and as the dust finally starts to settle it’s clear that CPAC has reinforced something many of us already realized: the Republican Party has completely lost its collective mind.

At one point during the proceedings today, Michelle Malkin — a conservative blogger and Fox News contributor — took to the stage to attack the more moderate elements of the GOP and slam the Republicans who “hijacked the Tea Party to shill for amnesty.” She accused these conservatives of “cashing in” at the expense of the country, which is really just a coded complaint that they weren’t xenophobic enough for Malkin and her radical fringe kin’s liking.

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After torching the former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the entire Bush family Malkin took an incredibly dark turn by turning her ire against the late Republican Senator John McCain, the patriotic statesman who passed away this past August and who was known for his principled opposition to Trump on some key issues. After her tirade against rational conservatives, Malkin added:

“And yes I’m looking at you the ghost of John McCain,” she said, looking up and pointing at the sky with a morbid flourish.

The audience went wild with applause and cheers, so eager were the attendees to trash the memory of a man who dared stand up to their idiot president. The entire performance was nauseating and another clear indicator that the GOP is nothing more than an insane personality cult.

Watch the despicable clip below.


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