May 17, 2022

The Nobel Committee just revealed that Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize was forged

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President Trump is a man painfully, embarrassingly desperate for attention and accolades. This is, after all, the man who had a fake Time magazine cover of himself made and hung on the walls of several of his own golf clubs. He is deeply aware of his own inadequacies and craves exterior validation to prop himself up.


Trump’s lack of presidential accomplishments has prevented him from receiving any kind of substantive international recognition so far. There have been rumblings that Trump is angling for a Nobel Peace Prize over his North Korea negotiations, but that seems unlikely given the humiliating fashion in which the talks broke down at the summit this week.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee which awards the much-coveted prize keeps the identities of those being considered for the honor under wraps. But on Tuesday, the organization deviated from their time-honored protocol for a very odd reason. The New York Times reports that the committee announced on Tuesday that they’ve discovered a forged Nobel Prize nomination for Donald Trump. The issue has been referred to authorities in Oslo, Norway for further investigation.

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To make matters even stranger, this is the second of two forged attempts. Henrik Pryser Libell writes in The Times:

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“Moreover, the forgery appears to have occurred twice: Olav Njolstad, the secretary of the five-member committee, said it appeared that a forged nomination of Mr. Trump for the prize was also submitted last year — and was also referred to the police. (The earlier forgery was not disclosed to the public at the time.)”

Inspector Rune Skjold, the man in charge of the Oslo police’s economic crimes division, revealed that investigators have been cooperating with the F.B.I  since last fall, which seems to imply that the forgeries were created and sent from the United States. Skjold also revealed that authorities suspect the same person is behind both attempted fake nominations.

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Olav Njolstad refused to give too many details about the forgeries or investigation, but he did seem to indicate that the person whose name was forged on the documents — that is to say an individual eligible to submit nominations for the prize— was contacted and confirmed that he/she did not submit the documents nominating Donald Trump.

The New York Times further explains that the forged name could belong to anyone from a head of state, to an individual lawmaker or cabinet minister, to a respected university professor or a prominent member of any number of prestigious international organizations.

One of the forgeries has already undergone extensive forensic examination and the second is slated to undergo the same. While it’s as yet unclear who’s behind this pathetic attempt to snag a Nobel Peace Prize for the worst president in American history, it seems likely that the full truth will eventually emerge.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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