Trump Jr. just accidentally praised Michael Cohen’s credibility with a surprising tweet


The damning testimony of the President’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, before the House Oversight Committee this morning is gripping the nation — and causing no small amount of anxiety among the members of the Trump family, who know they are all implicated in the crimes and misdeeds of Donald Trump, Cohen, and the Trump Organization.

In a desperate attempt to project confidence, Donald Trump Jr. has elected to do what he always does and tweet through it, filling his timeline with retweets from FOX hosts how the man who worked as a vice-president for his company for twelve years and was the deputy finance chairman for the entire Republican Party was an untrustworthy liar and an incompetent fool.

But clearly reading comprehension, not known to be a Trump family strong suit, is an issue for the spoiled scion, since he accidentally exposed why Cohen’s testimony against his family and his company was going to be so damning.

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Don Jr. retweeted former POLITICOMag editor Garrett M. Graff, who remarked on the dramatic transformation in Michael Cohen after two convictions, the prospect of years in prison, and his public betrayal by his former boss.

Once an arrogant and supremely confident thug who warned reporters asking uncomfortable questions that “what I’m going to do to you is going to be f*cking disgusting,” Cohen has been reduced to a broken and humbled man with nothing preventing him from selling out Donald Trump and his entire family — which Don Jr. would have known if he had bothered to read the entire thing:


It’s just the icing on a cake of humiliation and disgrace for the president and his allies, who are all taking turns throwing petulant tantrums while Congressional Democrats unravel the thread of criminality one thread at a time.

Social media users found Don Jr.’s mistake to be hilarious:

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