February 5, 2023

A Fox host just threatened to throw his co-host out as panel descends into chaos over Cohen testimony

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After Michael Cohen’s blockbuster public testimony at the House of Representatives revealed multiple accusations of criminal activity directly tied to President Donald Trump, the media has exploded with reports and analyses of the impact of today’s Oversight Committee hearings.


No network, however, has had as deep a stake in the outcome of the hearings as Fox News which has consistently acted as the president’s defender and megaphone from the beginning of his campaign for President.

While other news networks covered today’s bombshells with amazement and concern, the commentators on Fox News could barely hold their composure as they watched the credibility of their treasured hero, President Trump, fall further and further into the mud with each new revelation from his former attorney.

Panelists on Fox News turned bellicose and shouted over each other as they discussed Cohen’s testimony and accusations, leading to some observers on Twitter to believe that fisticuffs were about to break out.

The conflict didn’t end with the video posted above by Andrew Lawrence of the progressive media watchdog Media Matters for America. Lawrence posted a later, but equally pugnacious, excerpt from the same “dumpster fire” broadcast that demonstrated the fiery animosity that the discussions generated among the panelists.

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If this is how the folks on Fox News are reacting now, imagine what they’ll be like once the Mueller report is completed.

As with the Republicans actually on the House Oversight Committee, Fox News is unable to defend President Trump on the basis of facts or evidence — not things particularly valued by the network in the normal course of its broadcasts — so they have also resorted to attacking the former Trump fixer’s character.

Meanwhile, we can expect Fox to stop focusing on Cohen’s testimony and return to fawning coverage of President Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as soon as possible.

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