A former US ambassador to the United Nations just shredded Trump in eye-opening interview


As President Trump embarks on his trip to demonstrate his diplomatic skills with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a former UN Ambassador revealed how he thinks most foreign leaders view the president after two years in the White House.

Thomas Pickering — a career diplomat who has served in the administrations of six presidents and held posts as ambassador to Russia, Israel, El Salvador, Jordan, and Nigeria, in addition to the United Nations — told MSBNC that Trump was destroying the credibility of our nation around the world and that was viewed by other world leaders as no better than a “carjacker.”

Pickering gave multiple examples of the type of behavior the president has exhibited to justify the accusatory comparison to a felonious character out of Grand Theft Auto.

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The decorated career diplomat slammed Trump’s national emergency declaration as an assault on the constitutional separation of powers that he and the Republican party would come to regret.

“Anything can become a national emergency,” he told MSNBC‘s Ari Velshi, adding that Trump’s recklessness endangered “the future stability of our constitution, our country, and the separation of powers.”

Velshi responded to Pickering’s concern by asking whether the president’s obsessive focus on the border wall —which has been discounted by his own intelligence services as rising to nowhere near the panacea that he has painted it as — was drawing Trump’s attention from the real dangers menacing America today, such as the Russian cyber attacks on our electoral system.

“Certainly our relations with Mexico are very badly tested,” Pickering replied. “While paying for the wall is gone here, it’s not forgotten in Mexico.”

“Our role in the hemisphere is in many ways injured , particularly when the president wants to lead on Venezuela,” he continued. “U.S. credibility all around the world is at stake. Would you buy a used car from a carjacker?”

You can watch a clip of former Ambassador Thomas Pickering warning about Trump’s destruction of America’s foreign reputation and interests in the video below.


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Original reporting by Brendan Skwire at RawStory.

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