Trump just launched a disgusting, racist attack on OSCAR-winning black director over his award speech

President Trump took to Twitter this morning and slammed legendary Oscar-winning black filmmaker Spike Lee for his acceptance speech in which the hypersensitive and openly racist president perceived a personal attack on himself, even though Lee didn’t even mention him by name.

It is really telling that Donald Trump heard Spike Lee’s powerful words and reacted in this vicious and petty fashion. Spike Lee pleaded with the nation and asked that “let’s all be on the right side of history. Make the moral choice between love versus hate. Let’s do the right thing!”

By responding to these words in such a fashion, Trump is openly declaring that yes, I am on the side of hate, I am on the wrong side of history, and supporting me is the wrong thing to do.

Trump may have been particularly angry about Spike’s winning of an OSCAR for the content of his movie, Black KKKlansmen, which tells the story of a police detective who infiltrated the association of Trump’s “very fine people” that the rest of us know as the terrorist group Ku Klux Klan.

The ending of the movie focuses on Donald Trump. Todd VanderWerff at VOX Culture writes “They’re about President Donald Trump, but they’re also not about President Donald Trump. They show you not just the immediate, but the big picture, everything that led to the man in the Oval Office.”

But knowing Trump and the way he responds to criticism, real or imagined, it’s not so much the fact that the President is being called out as much as who’s doing the calling out. His disgusting response, specifically the reference to “reading notes” echoes his attacks on the intelligence of President Obama, who he slammed for using a teleprompter.

Perhaps the infamously semiliterate Trump is simply jealous of their reading skills, but more likely it is an exposure of his private belief that black people are simply intellectually inferior to him, a sundowning man whose brain is largely oatmeal at this point and is incapable of sustaining a single train of thought for more than a few minutes.

The claims that Trump has done more for African-Americans than any other president is so laughable that it doesn’t even merit a response.

Social media was NOT happy with the president’s morning tweet:

Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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