Trump just face-planted in attempted attack on Democratic leaders


Anticipating his long flight to Vietnam to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un later today, President Trump made the most of his executive time today by tweeting out as many delusional brain farts as he thought would tide the nation over until he’s back in cell service again.

Among the many gems of falsehood-laden braggadocio and border wall exhortations was this tweet — apropos of nothing — attacking both the former and current Democratic Senate Minority leaders.

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Typically for a Trump tweet, the lies begin immediately.

Former Senator Harry Reid did not get thrown out, at least not out of the Senate. Reid decided to retire and declined to seek reelection in 2017. He was subsequently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is now confined to his home unable to move without the aid of a walker — a perfect target for Trump’s random bullying as critics on Twitter rightly noted.


If being the longest serving Senator in Nevada history and overseeing the passage of the Affordable Care Act is considered a failed career, then the ailing Senator does not have to work very hard to “put a good spin” on his legacy.

Reid was succeeded as in his role as Nevada Senator by former Nevada Attorney General and fellow Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto and in the leadership of the Democratic Senatorial delegation by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY — Trump’s other punching bag in this pointless and unnecessary tweet.

Dubbing the Senate Minority Leader as Cryin’ Chuck Schumer for no apparent reason other than wanton hostility, Trump proves the final line of his tweet.

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Some things just never change, indeed! Particularly the unjustified bellicose partisan attacks on those that Trump sees as his opponents — whether they even remain in office or not — that signify bullying motivated only by the president’s own insecurities and the repressed acknowledgment of his own fraudulent qualifications for the office he holds.

Bullies like Trump typically prey on the weak and defenseless, a category that the fragile former Senator Reid may fit. Senator Schumer, on the other hand, wields a good deal of power even in the minority in his chamber of Congress. Trump may soon come to regret extending his strategy of building walls rather than bridges to the political realm as well as at the physical border.

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