Trump just flagrantly abused the truth in delusional attempt to energize his followers


He’s either blind, stupid, or purposefully lying to deny facts that make his brain explode in paroxysms of anger and frustration.

President Trump’s latest tweet denies the results of the midterm elections, the finding of pollsters, and the statistics of party registration —not to mention the margin of loss he suffered in the popular vote in his own election — to make an unsubstantiated claim that the right-wing has more “ENERGY” as he insists on capitalizing the word than the progressive forces in this nation.

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Trump may be correct if he defines “ENERGY” as the ownership of interests in fossil fuel companies or if he interprets it as a willingness by his right-wing followers to amass a stockpile of deadly weapons and a hit list of journalists and politicians who oppose his policies.

However, while the president may be mainlining Fox News hosannas directly into his cerebellum, he has yet to grasp the fact that reality doesn’t bend to his egotistical wishes and that no matter how loudly and obnoxiously he proclaims a swell of dynamism on the right wing of this country, his own approval ratings continue to languish more than 10 points below his disapproval ratings in’s average of multiple polls.

Those approval ratings are so low exactly because of Trump’s repetition of the same lies as contained in this morning’s tweet over and over again. His attacks on the “Fake News” media that report the details of his deceptions and corruption, while his own lies about his actions are exposed in the slowly unfolding indictments emanating from both Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office and from the prosecutors in the president’s hometown division of the Justice Department, the Southern District of New York.


His easily refuted fantasies about the border wall already being under construction and the ability of prehistoric technology to solve problems of “Gangs, Drugs and Crime” are designed to create a false, hyped-up level of “ENERGY” in his base of misled citizens with gullibility issues through the use of despicable fear tactics that create more hatred than enthusiasm.

In reality, Trump’s definition of “ENERGY” closely follows Einstein’s formula with a recontextualizing of the parameters of the variables in the famous physicist’s classic equation: E = mc— except in this case “ENERGY” equals Massive lies times Crazy delusions squared.

The 2020 elections will give progressives and Democrats the opportunity to demonstrate that our level of energy can power the third rail to a train that will roll over the Republican kleptocracy and power the nation with new ideas that benefit all of the people. We are charged and ready to go.

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