Trump’s use of “national emergency” powers to build the wall just went up in flames


President Trump’s dastardly scheme to fund his useless border wall with an end run around Congress’ appropriation responsibilities by reallocating money from unspent Defense Department budgets has hit a major speed bump.

Even before the Democratic-led House of Representatives has had the opportunity to prevent Trump’s unconstitutional phony “national emergency” from being used to allow the diversion of money from replacing dilapidated housing for military personnel and other crucial priorities — through a resolution that Speaker Pelosi intends on unveiling this week — the news broke that much of the money that the president was counting on being available to transfer to his border wall has already been spent.

John M. Donnelly, a senior writer for the Congressional Quarterly and Roll Call, broke the story on Twitter late today that more than a third of the money that Trump was coveting for constructing his easily surmounted border barrier was not actually within his reach after all.

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With Democrats in Congress united in their opposition to providing Trump with additional funds and government funding already in place for the rest of the fiscal year, Trump can no longer threaten to shut the government down over his demands for more money now that his severe case of border wall erectile dysfunction has been exposed.

It would not be surprising to discover that an administration as incompetent as President Trump’s would fail to properly research the status of the funds that it built its entire constitutional assault upon, but for once that incompetence actually works in the nation’s favor by thwarting Trump’s illicit intent.


One can only hope that the Department of Defense accelerates its housing construction plans to burn through the rest of the available money as quickly as possible before Trump gets out of his “executive time” and notices.

In the meantime — despite the president tweeting out old pictures of border fencing being replaced under an Obama-era plan and claiming that his wall is being built as we speak — multiple challenges to the constitutionality of Trump’s faux emergency declaration will wind their way through the courts and ensure that his claims of a wall already under construction will continue for the foreseeable future to be the massive lies that they are today.

Nobody ever claimed that the President was any better at math than he is at reading.

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