Ocasio-Cortez just shredded Trump with a heroic response to his morning attack on the NY Times


Sadly, it’s no longer even considered news when the president of the United States attacks the First Amendment of the Constitution that he swore to uphold by declaring the free and unrestricted press as the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” — as Trump likes to declare in all caps.

The normalization of behavior that would be considered a sure sign of a collapse into an authoritarian, dictatorial regime and potential grounds for impeachment over Trump’s dereliction of his avowed duty to protect American democracy is our rueful reality these days.

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Fortunately, not everyone has rolled over and accepted the president’s typical reaction whenever the media presents new facts that uncover further evidence of Trump’s misdeeds — like the detailed article in The New York Times that inspired the president’s rage tweet so compellingly accomplished.

Congressional freshman firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) responded to Trump’s denial of the exhaustively reported story in The Times — a story that revealed in the greatest detail yet the president’s extensive efforts to obstruct the investigation into his campaign’s contacts with Russia and other foreign powers — with a tweet calling out the twisted world view of the  president’s defenders.


The congresswoman rightly points out the hypocrisy of right-wing critics of the policies being proposed by progressive Democrats who use phony scare tactics to demonize those policies by labeling them as “socialism” — a term that once inspired fear in the hearts of antiquated cold-warriors, but is now embraced by younger generations as a description of a type of government that would more justly spread the nation’s resources to benefit the majority of its citizens rather than just the wealthy elite.

Ocasio-Cortez condemns the self-interested conservatives who reject the ability of the United States to implement the type of universal health care system that has proven successful in every other major industrialized nation in the world while praising a president run amok and undermining the very essence of our democratic system of government.

The congresswoman was far from alone in condemning Trump’s accusatory offensive tweet, as the other Twitter responses demonstrated.

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As these responses show, Trump can claim “fake news” and demonize any media that doesn’t bow and scrape at his feet all he wants. There are enough Americans who know better than to believe his lies and are willing to fight back against his ham-handed attempts to discredit reliable reporting that reflects badly upon himself and his administration that there is still hope on the horizon.

With Representative Ocasio-Cortez helping to lead the charge, Americans can and must restore sanity to our government and defend our freedoms against the dictatorial impulses of a frightened and cornered president.

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