Alec Baldwin just made Trump Jr. pay for defending his daddy from his SNL skit

Actor Alec Baldwin has mastered the art of parodying President Donald Trump, who melted down on Twitter over the weekend.

Donald Trump Jr. saw his dad’s epic fail and decided to attack Baldwin for his Emmy-winning portrayal of America’s worst president, a man who was nominated and lost at the Emmys while playing himself on TV.

Alec Baldwin gave his response to Don Jr.’s barbs on a podcast (embedded below) that came out this morning and it’s literally a laugh-out-loud moment. He told the Dworkin Report:

“Trump may not go down… but it sure sounds like his son’s gonna be indicted… and unless he’s pardoned, he’s gonna go to prison.”

“So I guess he’ll have a lot of time to watch SNL then.”

Not only is Alec Baldwin likely correct about Don Jr., but media reports for the last four months say Trump’s oldest son has been expecting to face an indictment soon for his role in soliciting election assistance from the government of Russia.

The entire incident began this weekend when Baldwin appeared on SNL in a fake White House Rose Garden to spoof Trump’s insanely rambling speech and press conference to declare a fake national emergency last Friday.

Naturally, the Kvetcher-in-Chief responded on Twitter early the next morning, but he turned the rhetoric up to full blast, even for someone who has lobbed more than a thousand insults at the FBI and federal prosecutors.

When asked why Baldwin publicly complained that Trump’s tweet was a serious attempt to incite the next #MAGAbomber to hurt him or his family.

That’s when Don Jr. stepped in to launch another attack against the Emmy-winning actor.

Alec Baldwin explained in in more detail during the podcast why Trump’s renewed attack on SNL is more dangerous now because he’s talking about retribution and investigations.

“Trump signals people. Not necessarily what to do, but how to feel, and that’s the beginning,” says Baldwin. “You make people angry. You make people agitated, and bitter, and then the actions flow from there.”

“We don’t need somebody who is petty and antagonistic, with all of these crazy government shutdowns and whatnot,” Baldwin deadpanned making the perfect analogy about Trump’s terrible role atop the United States government. “He’s like a drunk driver. Nobody wants the driver of the school bus to be a drunk driver, but that’s what we’re stuck with now.”

NBC’s Saturday Night Live has specialized in performing political satire on the national stage ever since its inaugural season in 1975.

No other SNL performer has faced an infuriated and retaliatory President at the other end of the joke, like Donald Trump, and certainly, no presidential relative has confronted one of its comedians even though some of them have been the butt of jokes in the past.

Donald Trump’s psychotic rage has inspired violence across America, but his vituperative attack on Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live this weekend stand out for its increased level of vitriol and desperation, and Don Jr.’s slavish follow-up assault this week demonstrates that the apple truly does not fall far from the tree.

Listen to the complete Dworkin Report podcast with Alec Baldwin here, it’s 11 minutes long:

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