Jim Carrey just roasted Trump’s “emergency” with two searing new drawings


President Trump’s unilateral declaration of a national emergency— an act based on the same substance as the emperor’s new clothes — has inspired noted actor/comedian/artist Jim Carrey to dash off a couple of new drawings in his series of acclaimed satirical political artwork.

The first piece depicts the moment that the real national emergency — in the eyes of Carrey and many other Americans — began: with the birth of Donald Trump.

Carrey renders the instant that the future president emerges from his immigrant mother’s birth canal in all its grotesque glory, with a soupçon of sarcastic commentary.

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The comic actor-turned-caricaturist moved from Trump’s dubious humanity to the president’s mind-boggling hypocrisy for his next opus.

He took aim at the cognitive dissonance that erupted from Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency over his failure to convince Congress to appropriate funds for his border wall boondoggle while feeling carefree enough over the supposedly looming invasion he envisions of murderers, rapists, and drug dealers to jet down to Mar-A-Lago to enjoy a few rounds of golf rather than locking himself away in the White House situation room as a real president would do during an actual emergency.


Carrey’s depiction of Trump’s swinging golf game comes complete with handy advice on how to deal with a presidency stuck in the rough — particularly useful on a day when the president’s former campaign chief was revealed to be facing the rest of his life in prison and his political advisor Roger Stone was found to have communicated directly with Russian intelligence agents and WikiLeaks in his efforts to help Trump win the election.

Carrey’s gift for capturing the political zeitgeist with his colored markers remains undiminished. We eagerly await the next installment of his oeuvre.

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