Trump just got slapped with a serious lawsuit from one of the book-writers who exposed his dirty laundry


If there’s one thing President Trump has enough of to deal with, it’s legal troubles. Whether its the looming Special Counsel’s probe into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, the lawsuits filed against him for violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, the lawsuits from his sexual assault victims, the lawsuits from various U.S. Attorneys General in opposition to his heinous political agenda, Trump has lawsuits for days to deal with — and now there’s one more to add to the ever-growing list.

Former Special Assistant to the President Cliff Sims has filed suit against the President and his team, alleging that the Donald J. Trump for President campaign is improperly attempting to use the non-disclosure agreement that Sims signed in 2016 while he was working for the campaign in order to punish him for publishing an embarrassing tell-all book about his time in the White House and to infringe on his constitutional right to free speech.

“The U.S. Government is intentionally and unconstitutionally engaging in a subterfuge effort to use a private entity Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., to do its bidding to silence Mr. Sims when it is really the intense powers of the Presidency coming down upon a sole individual” reads the lawsuit.

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“The President’s habit of using his campaign as a cut out for the U.S. Government can no longer be tolerated. We look forward to vindicating Mr. Sims’ constitutional right to inform the public about the unclassified details of his federal service without fear of legal retribution” said Sims’ pro bono lawyer, Bradley P. Moss to Law And Crime.

Dismissed by the president as a “gofer” who he barely knew, Trump was nonetheless reportedly “hopping mad” and “very pissed off” at the publication of Sims’ book, “Team of Vipers: My 500 extraordinary days in the White House,” and the embarrassing behind-the-scenes glimpse it gave of a White House constantly roiling with internal power struggles and chaos between the various factions of viciously ambitious grifters and ideologues.


Sims is likely to find himself victorious since no court is likely to allow the President to abuse his political operation in order to violate the constitutional First Amendment rights of an ex-staffer just to shut him up.

But it just goes to show us once again that there is nothing the Trump team won’t do in order to get him what he wants and to hide the truth of what’s happening in the White House from the American people.

Original reporting by Matt Naham at Law & Crime


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Natalie Dickinson

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