El Paso’s County Commissioners just welcomed Trump with a devastating resolution

As President Trump prepares for another one of the patented lie fests that he refers to as his rallies in El Paso, Texas —  an event specifically designed to drum up support for his abhorrent border policies — officials from El Paso County sent him a letter of welcome.

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If the president bothers to read it, he may be surprised to find that it does not contain the type of typically warm and fuzzy political glad-handing that such official proclamations usually consist of.

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Instead, the officials in El Paso County passed a resolution today letting President Trump know exactly how they feel about his statements about their border community:

“Now, therefore, be it resolved, by the El Paso County Judge and Commissioners Court that the County of El Paso is disillusioned by President Trump’s lies regarding the border and our community and though it is difficult to welcome him to El Paso while he continues to proliferate such untruths, we do welcome him to meet with local officials to become properly informed about our great and safe region,” the proclamation reads.

As in most such proclamations. the resolution was preceded by a good number of paragraphs beginning with “Whereas” that explained the reasons for the conclusion offered, and the El Paso leaders had no lack of reasons that they cited for their disillusionment, beginning with the first line:

“Whereas, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has continuously made inaccurate claims about the United States’ southern border, including El Paso;”

The resolution goes on to provide a litany of those inaccurate claims including that the  situation on the border in EL Paso was a crisis, that thousands of terrorists have been apprehended at the border, that El Paso was a dangerous city, among many other wildly false excuses made up to provide justification for his boondoggle of an immigration solution.

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The document also provides the actual facts about the record low levels of illegal border crossings last year and condemns the immorality of Trump’s horrid family separation policies. Importantly, it even mentions the fact that the president is likely to continue to repeat his vile falsehoods at his rally this evening — disseminating  these lies to a national audience as the media coverage of the rally is broadcast to the rest of the country.

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Hopefully, enough people across the country will learn the truth about the situation in El Paso from the people who actually live there as opposed to from the fables made up by a president who conjures falsehoods to further his own misguided agenda.

You can read the entire proclamation passed by the El Paso County Commissioners in the tweet below.

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Original reporting by Brett Samuels at The Hill.

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