February 7, 2023

Don Jr. just tried to dunk on a NBC reporter with a sexist tweet that fell flat

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If there’s one thing the Trump men are known for, it is the constant objectification and dehumanization of women. Whether it’s President Trump joking about “grabbing pussy” or his son Don Jr. complaining about a “herd of mothers,” the Trump men just can’t help but reduce women to commodities that exist solely to fulfill the needs of the men around them.


That much was made clear this morning when Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to try to dunk on a reporter who stated that there was more than one female politician running for president for the first time in history. NBC News’ Marianna Sotomayor later deleted the tweet and clarified it — but Don Jr. left his awful reply up for the world to see.

Disdainfully quote-tweeting Don Jr. twice referred to women as “females” in a poor attempt to fact-check Sotomayor, a phrase that many find sexist.

He appears to be referring to Carly Fiorina’s doomed 2016 presidential run, but she was technically not an active politician at the time the way that the five current U.S. Senators running for Congress are.

Clinical and cold, the term “females” strips away the inherent womanness of women and turns them into lab subjects to be studied and observed, a strange and mysterious creature distinct from the implicit superiority of men like Don Jr. Animals in the zoo are referred to as “females.”

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While at face value this isn’t a controversial statement, Donald Trump Jr.’s long history of misogynist statements makes it clear that there’s more to this than meets the eye, like when he complained about a “herd of mothers” and said that women who don’t want to be sexually harassed should “stay out of the workforce!”

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There’s also this little gem where he teams up with Trump fan James Woods to make disparaging, slut-shaming remarks about comedian Chelsea Handler.

So in the context of those remarks, it’s fair to read a little more into Trump Jr’s ham-fisted attempt to flip the liberal drive for inclusion and diversity into an attack on the media. But Trump Jr. wouldn’t be Trump Jr. if he didn’t fall flat on his face while doing it.


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