Trump just spewed disgusting racism and obvious lies in excuse for wall emergency

As President Trump desperately tries to figure out a path forward after congressional negotiators trying to reach a compromise on border security reached an impasse in their talks, he began prepping the way for making an emergency declaration that would allow him to spend money to build the wall without authorization from Congress.

An emergency declaration would invite a deluge of lawsuits from Democrats who have refused to fund the president’s ineffective medieval solution to immigration issues and have ample evidence that no emergency exists except in the deluded mind of Trump himself.

It would also alarm Republicans in Congress who are substantially more aware than the president of the future problems such a declaration could cause for their party once the Democrats inevitably regain the presidency and act upon the climate change that is the true national emergency that America — and the entire planet — currently faces.

Trump, nonetheless, tweeted out a quote from Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA), one of the few remaining Republican congressmen left in California, justifying the power of the executive branch to invoke national emergencies over whatever whim strikes them.

Not content with implied threats if he doesn’t get his way, Trump returned with another attack on the Democrats whose compromise he needs in order to forestall another government shutdown or avoid the national emergency declaration that his own party fears will be both ineffective due to the legal challenges that will tie it up in court for years and would set a dangerous precedent for executive branch workarounds of the congressional budgeting authority.

The president purposefully misrepresents the Democratic party position in the negotiations to try to convince his base — the only people still listening to anything he has to say at this point — that the Democrats are the unreasonable ones because they don’t see the necessity of wasting money on a wall that is easily climbed over or tunneled under.

He falsely claims that the wall has been recommended by Border Patrol experts while ignoring the multiple statements from political leaders in towns along the border that not only refute his claims of an impending national emergency but also insist that a wall is not an effective solution.

The president goes on to lump all immigrants together under the libelous umbrella description of “murderers” while again distorting the position of the Democrats negotiating with their GOP colleagues who have never put forth a single proposal resembling Trump’s self-serving description.

President Trump’s lie count continues to climb as his desperation increases. With his border wall in jeopardy and the multiple investigations into his administration’s many scandals revealing new incriminating evidence on a weekly basis, Americans can expect a fresh avalanche of tweeted propaganda as the deadline for the next government shutdown looms at the end of this week.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.