Adam Schiff just brilliantly dunked on Trump for accusing him of “stealing his people”

Donald Trump just aired a new and unexpected grievance with House Democrats after they hired a former member of Trump’s own National Security Council staff.

House Intel Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) decided to hire an NSC staffer named Abigail Grace, who served under both Obama and Trump as a Chinese affairs expert.

But the President is reflexively complaining about absolutely everything Democrats do these days and posted a crazy tweet (embedded below) accusing Schiff of “stealing people” when the House Intelligence Committee is just doing what it always does, hiring competent staff.

Shiff’s response indicates that Trump might have mistreated yet another one of his subordinates, and it could come back to haunt him. The Hill reports:

“We have a long tradition of hiring out of the intelligence community, the National Security Council (NSC),” Schiff said.

“And if the president is worried about our hiring any former administration people, maybe he should work on being a better employer.”

Trump’s crazy tweet said that investigations of him are a “Witch Hunt!” [sic] which the former FBI Director he fired, James Comey, laughingly told a Florida crowd this week that Mueller’s probe and Congressional inquiries, “sure caught a lot of witches.”

Today’s un-Presidential complaint is part of an ever-increasing campaign of public grievance emanating from the Oval Office ever since Trump did his best Richard Nixon impersonation during his sleep-inducing, 80-minute long State of the Union speech.

Then, he had a very bizarre, very public temper tantrum about Schiff during an unrelated press conference.

In particular, Rep. Schiff has responded with fire, by re-opening and expanding the House Intel probe of Trump’s Russian ties, and turning over fifty of the Intel Committee’s interview transcripts to Special Counsel Mueller for use as evidence in his criminal probe.

Story continues below tweet:

Chairman Schiff has also publicly pledged to ensure that Mueller’s final report is released to the public.

No wonder the Twitter Troll in Chief keeps complaining about House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, because the California Democrat is going to do his job instead of giving Trump a get out of jail free card like his Republican predecessor, Rep. Devin Nunes.

Here’s Trump’s whiny complaint tweet:

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