Ocasio-Cortez just broke the internet with a snarky dunk on Trump’s State of the Union speech


Tonight, President Trump will finally give his second State of the Union address to Congress. Delayed several weeks by the chaos of his self-inflicted government shutdown, the American people can expect nothing but racist lies and self-aggrandizing brags about all of his imaginary achievements.

There will be little redeeming value to the spectacle, as Trump’s handlers will be keeping him on a very tight leash and doing everything they can to make sure he behaves in a “presidential” fashion, meaning it will be Trump listlessly droning from a teleprompter while doing that weird sniffling thing he does whenever he appears in public.

There are countless ways that the American people could spend their time better than watching Trump’s State of the Union — and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agrees that we should be doing literally anything else with our time tonight.

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The Democratic rising star went viral this morning responding to a CNN post about “What to watch for in 2019’s State of the Union” with a snarky “none of it!”

But she’s very excited for Stacey Abrams’ rebuttal, and we should all join her in boycotting Trump’s speech while showing our support for another prominent Democrat’s turn in the spotlight.


Be sure to check out Kamala Harris’ remarks before Trump’s speech and Bernie Sanders’ rebuttal after Abrams!


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Natalie Dickinson

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