The racist past of Trump’s new UN ambassador pick just came back to haunt her


It will come as no surprise at this point that yet another prominent member of the Trump administration has been exposed as a disgusting bigot who parrots dangerous conspiracy theories about people of color.

What’s truly alarming is that she is set to represent our nation before the world at the United Nations.

Heather Nauert, the former FOX and Friends host who Trump has nominated to replace Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the UN, has been revealed to have once hosted a panel with notorious Islamophobes about how “Islamic fundamentalists are secretly trying to destroy America by changing the country’s institutions and culture and imposing Sharia law,” according to CNN’s KFILE team.

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In 2009, Nauert participated in a FOX News webcast entitled “Terror from Within” where she pushed the racist conspiracy theories about American Muslims with notorious Islamophobes Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer.

She introduced the program by remarking there was “a school of thought that there is a stealthy jihad taking place within the US. And the theory is that some in our country want to destroy our America from within,” which they would do by “by using our own legal system against us, by undermining our financial system and even taking away our holidays. The fact that we are a PC, politically correct country, well that will only be used against us.”

These remarks are incredibly offensive, on the same level as the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories bandied about by the far-right, but somehow anti-Islam statements don’t provoke nearly the same response from the mainstream media and jackal conservative pundits.


While conservative media and their “moderate” liberal allies will howl about anti-Semitism anytime anyone dares to criticize Israel’s appalling human rights record and will go to any lengths, including outing Israel critics as sexual assault victims, in order to shame them into silence, the release of these damning statements by Nauert has elicited nothing but crickets.

We cannot allow this woman to represent the United States on the global stage. It is on the entire Democratic Party to take a stand and make sure that we let the world know that we will not tolerate this kind of bigotry in any way shape or form and that we value our Muslim citizens as much as we do those of all other groups.

Original reporting by Andrew Kaczynski and Paul LeBlanc at CNN’s KFILE.

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Colin Taylor

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