Trump just made fear-mongering a Super Bowl Sunday tradition with his latest tweet


President Trump’s resemblance to that cranky old man in the neighborhood who is constantly yelling at the kids to keep off his lawn increased dramatically today as he posted his own metaphorical “Keep out!” sign in America’s front yard on Twitter…in all caps, of course.

As Trump tweets go, this one fits right into the now daily series of fear-mongering tweets that have seen his visions of caravans of dangerous immigrants morph from a single column of refugees into multiple unending streams of sexually-assaulting murderous drug dealers that will somehow be cowed by a concrete edifice rather than simply climbing over or tunneling under the obstacle in their path.

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His lies about Democrats’ weakness on border security increasingly play only to the most ill-informed members of his base since his standoff with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over funding for his laughably insufficient solution to immigration security led to a wasteful government shutdown that cost the nation billions of dollars and hurt many of his own supporters in their wallets.

Pelosi’s constant public declarations of her party’s openness to discuss funding for additional border security personnel, drones, sensors, and other more practical and effective solutions to what Trump considers our overly porous borders make the president’s lies ever more transparent to the public at large and diminish the power of Trump’s Chicken Little warnings.

Everytime that the President resorts to tweeting “KEEP OUT!” — his unwelcome mat version of a “No trespassing” sign in all capital letters — it just makes a public weary of his phony national emergency — designed to distract from the pervasive criminality of his administration — want to tweet back: “SHUT THE F#@K UP!”


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