Trump just responded to Northam’s blackface scandal with a morally bankrupt tweet


The transactional nature of what passes for morality in the mind of President Donald Trump manifested itself quite clearly in his tweets this evening commenting on the blackface controversy faced by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Trump’s first tweet on the issue addressed Northam’s sudden reversal of his initial acknowledgment and apology for the photo to his denial at a press conference this morning that he was one of the people in the photo and his refusal to resign over the matter despite numerous calls from his Democratic colleagues.

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It was a typically hypocritical statement from the president who has been known to frequently make contradictory statements as if he thinks no one would remember what he said on the previous day.

His initial staff-written condemnation of the right-wing violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last year was followed just a day later by his claims that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the alt-right riot. His recent decision to reject a previously negotiated deal to prevent the government shutdown is another example of his own capriciousness.

It was Trump’s second tweet on Northam, however, that revealed the heinousness of his disgraceful elevation of victory over basic tenets of moral principle in his horribly faulty psyche.


Trump’s not upset about any racist actions that  Governor Northam may have taken. He’s merely angry that the Governor’s Republican opponent in the election didn’t get to weaponize the damning photo during the election when it could have helped the GOP capture the governor’s seat for their own party.

While that form of cogitation is not surprising coming from someone accused of betraying their country to collude with foreign enemies in order to “win” an election in which he still couldn’t muster a majority of the country to vote for him, it does offer one more window into the severely twisted and morally deficient mind of our president — a window so transparent that only those blinded by the layer of bull feces Trump regularly spreads across the minds of his witless followers could fail to see what he is doing.

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