Ocasio-Cortez just wrecked New York Republicans for accusing her of “holding the country hostage”


As representatives of both parties meet to try to negotiate a deal that would prevent a second government shutdown over President Trump refusal to give up his highly unpopular and ineffective border wall, the leaders of the Republican party in New York took the opportunity to attack Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a dangerous extremist and urged the GOP representatives from their state to continue to fight for the wall.

Linking to an article on The Hill, the New York Republican leadership openly lie about the public demand for increased border security with recent polls indicating that nearly 70% of voters believing that the wall should not be a priority for the government, and 60% outright opposing it.

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Representative Ocasio-Cortez saw the tweet and shot back with a devastating reply that used facts against the Republicans like someone would use garlic to repel vampires.

It’s great to have a congresswoman so willing to undercut her opponents with the truth. Luckily, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez stands ready to counteract the lies the GOP regularly spreads about her on a moments notice.


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