Obama’s CIA chief just shredded Trump for claiming he’s smarter than U.S. Intel leaders

After the unprecedented and disgraceful spectacle of the President of the United States insulting his own national security team and rejecting their concerns about the real issues facing America in favor of his own imaginary bugaboos, former CIA director John Brennan — already stripped of his security clearance by a vengeful Trump after his prior criticism of the president — once again hit the president with a barrage of fiery criticism over Trump’s morning Twitter tantrum.

The president sent his shocking twitter thread this morning, a day after Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats contradicted Trump on the level of threat the nations faces from ISIS, Iran, and North Korea and failed to regard the supposed “emergency” on the Southern border as a pressing issue.

While the delusional president believes he knows better than the dedicated professionals who have spent their entire careers in the intelligence community, the former CIA director has a quite different take on Trump’s capacity to even begin to comprehend the intricacies of national security.

Brennan’s impatience with Congress for their failure to sufficiently recognise the level of threat that President Trump himself poses to the safety of our country is surely aimed more at the Republican Party which has bent over backwards and twisted into every possible contortion in order to protect the president from the now countless investigations into the misdeeds of himself, his campaign, his administration, his charity, and his company.

One would think that any member of the GOP who actually cares about the future of the United States would be already heeding the warnings of the former CIA director. That they haven’t yet is as terrifying as the president’s refusal to believe his own national security appointees over his own ill-informed and divisive opinions which are suspiciously aligned with the interests and intent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Brennan’s outrage should be shared by everyone in America at this point. While it’s no surprise that the most intellectually challenged president in U.S. history has no respect for intelligence, the danger that Trump poses to America’s future safety and prosperity is too immense for Congress and ordinary citizens alike to continue to stand by without taking action.

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Original reporting by Michael Burke at The Hill.

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