February 1, 2023

A mutiny just erupted within Trump’s 2020 presidential election campaign team

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Some members of the Trump administration are revolting.


While in one sense of the word that’s true of the entire administration, in this case, it refers to those staffers who worked on the president’s 2016 election campaign and are attempting to dethrone his current campaign manager for the 2020 race, Brad Parscale, according to a report published today at Vanity Fair.

Trump’s rapidly declining poll numbers in the wake of the government shutdown debacle are creating panic among the political operatives who hope to ride the Trump gravy train to another lucrative payday. Nervous about losing their golden tickets to right-wing nirvana, they are increasingly badmouthing Parscale to any member of the press who will listen.

“It’s a shitshow,” a veteran of the 2016 campaign said. “There’s a revolt against Parscale,” the former official added.

Sources have told Vanity Fair that former campaign officials including Corey Lewandowski and Dave Bossie, are quietly lobbying Trump to jettison Parscale.

“Corey thinks there needs to be an intervention,” said one Republican with knowledge of the conversations. “Corey is saying Brad fucked up the midterms and he’s giving Trump terrible advice. Brad was telling Trump back in July that it would be fine if he lost the House. During the shutdown, he was telling Trump ‘you’re winning.’’’

If what’s being said is true, the emperor is truly buying into the beauty of his new clothes. Yesterday, Parscale tried to convince the world that Trump’s re-election bid was not harmed by the shutdown by releasing a poll seemingly designed to blow smoke up the presidential posterior.

“He keeps telling Trump he’s on a tear,” the GOP insider said.

Prior to his being named the head of Trump’s 2020 campaign, Parscale was an online strategy consultant for the Trump Organization with no political experience. After building the campaign’s initial web site, he was named the president’s digital director and was lauded for his contributions to Trump’s unlikely victory.

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Not every Trump loyalist has turned on Parscale. The Trump family, including Jared Kushner, are still supporting him, as is Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway.

“I am a huge fan,” Conway said. “I am sure people think they should be campaign manager and are jealous of him. It’s easy to be jealous in Trumpworld when you are on the outside looking in.”

“Trumpworld,” as Conway refers to it, is sounding more and more like the failed amusement park that the name implies.

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According to Vanity Fair:

 “Trump is blaming [Mick] Mulvaney for the bad press during the shutdown,” said the Republican close to the president. “He thinks Bill Shine hasn’t helped messaging, either.”

However, the brouhaha over Parscale’s management of Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign may be a moot point if the same unnamed Republican insider’s view on what’s next for the White House proves true.

“Mueller is coming soon and his report will be a damning case of obstruction,” the Republican said. “It’s going to be very bad.”

Very bad for Trump and his administration perhaps, but for the rest of the country that sounds more like salvation.

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Original reporting by Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair.

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