September 27, 2022

Trump just angrily insulted his former aide over tell-all book while he was on live TV. His response is perfect

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It seems that just about every Trump official who jumps ship ends up signing a book deal to write up a firsthand count of the circus of incompetence and idiocy that is and always has been the Trump administration. The latest to do so is Cliff Sims, a former Trump White House communications aide and former Trump campaign aide whose book “Team of Vipers” has been receiving a lot news coverage in recent days.


In one excerpt, Sims penned a scathing description of the administration.

“This is the story of a ragtag band of political outsiders who stormed the White House, and of staffers who couldn’t seem to decide whether serving their country meant serving their President or undermining him,” the book reads.

This morning, Trump took to Twitter attack Sims, calling him a “low-level staffer” who he “hardly knew” and accused him up fabricating stories to sell his book. He claims Sims is just pretending to have been an insider at the White House but that he was really just a “gofer.” The president raged that Sims is in violation of a non-disclosure agreement and said he is a “mess.”

Now, if Sims were really a nobody Trump most likely wouldn’t care about his book in the first place. The fact that it’s prompted such an angry tweet response lends credence to it being an accurate account of his time in the administration. Trump’s trotting out of NDA violation allegations also indicates there is probably a lot of truth behind Sims’s book.

Now, Sims himself has responded to the tweet. While giving an appearance on CNN, host Alisyn Camerota read the tweet to Sims. He immediately laughed off the president’s frothing message.

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“There it is! I knew this was a possibility when I wrote this book. You know what I said? My identity is not wrapped up in being a Trump staffer, my identity is wrapped up in my faith,” he said, visibly amused. He added that he didn’t mind being called a gofer “one bit.”

Sims soon followed up his response with a tweet mocking the president’s choice of word.

Watch the video below.

Clearly, this is a man who has seen President Trump working up close, and has little respect for him or his preferred method of communication. It seems that nobody in the Trump administration respects the man they work for, a clear as sign as any that he’s unfit for office.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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